About This Author

As a software developper that enjoys doing it i find myself lot's of times loosing too much time of my life on a single line of code. Or two. Or 20. Or even more...

Professional software developpers have a 5 year constant dilema: what to learn, adapt to, master, use in the next half-decade ? What if this object of study looses general interest in the tech world ? Of course there are a considerable number of people coding in 10 (or more) year languages: C. Mastering a computer language is hard and requires dedication and time. So there's a strong necessity to think well before a dive into a new generation language.

Linux fan, user, developper: back in '92, in my second year of College, Computer Sciences, i met Linux. 32 floppy disk duplicated at the colleger computer center. Well, my 16MB i486 could not run X Server... I still have those disks :)

The internet is a world inside the world. Let's live it wiselly, with proper posture, good conduct and respect for intelectual property. Internet is the digital extension of human beings.

This is not quite a Bio. It's more a letter of intentions :)